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Need help coming up with a name for one of your characters or an NPC? Try our name Generator. Just enter the number of names you would like generated and select the type of name you would like generated. If needed, try combining a couple of names to come up with a first and last name.

Output is produced here.
Enter how many names you would like: (50 max)
Select what type of names you would like:
Accented Names
Arthurian Style Names
Babylonian Style Names
Barsoom Female Style Names
Barsoom Male Style Names
Fantasy Style Male
Fantasy Style Female
Felana Style Mixed
Deverry Style Male
Deverry Style Female
Deverry Style Elven
Human Style Male
Celtic Style Human
Tolkien Style Elven Male
Tolkien Style Elven Female
Tolkien Style Dwarven Male
Tolkien Style Halfling Male
Tolkien Style Orcs
Tolkien Style Swords

The idea for this, and the name data files were found at: http://spitfire.ausys.se/johan/names/
Human Style Male data file created by Panther

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