Using the Dragon's Mark Event Calendar

When you first view the Dragon's Mark Event Calendar, you see the current month, with an overview of all chat schedules displayed. If you click on an event for a particular day/time, you will get a pop-up window with details about that event.

There are three tabs visible when viewing a calendar. The Add/Edit Events and Calendar Settings tabs, while accessible, can only be used by administrators.

The following options are available as you view the calendar:
Using this drop down menu you can view any of the individual calendars available.
You can view the information in calendar or list format
Start month:
Chose the month and year you wish to start your view
Number of months to show:
Enter the number of months you wish to view at one time.
IMPORTANT! After you make any change, you must be sure to click the "Change!" button for them to take effect. You may change multiple items before clicking the "Change!" button.
At the bottom of the page you have the option to export the calendar information in the current view to a text file, or a format usable by Outlook or Palm.